Editorial chain of exercises (project C3)

Exercise classification

Our concern is the following one: how can we ensure that among these exercise templates the various players (teachers and pupils) can find quickly that or those whom they need?

To solve this problem, we have asked teachers their needs, and from their requests we propose a system of classification and search for the exercises, based on a taxonomy enriched by competencies and sub-competencies. We used the "mathematics taxonomy committee" (Math Nation Science Digital Library). It is composed of four hierarchical levels which we have enriched by a graph of competencies and sub-competencies. The sub-competencies of a same competency can be linked by a prerequisite relation.

Each exercise is linked to a sub-competency and can be connected with other competencies. A more precise definition of the graph is given in [ICALT 2009]   [EIAH 2009]. From this classification, a relational mySQL database has been created to reference the exercise templates.

admin-BD allows each teacher to create and modify the tree structure by adding or deleting classification elements then to reference each exercise template choosing a path in the classification and precising a school level. An exercise template can be referenced several times but is stored only once in the repertory.
Teachers can also create sheets of exercises which are recorded in the database.

Use of AdminBD by a teacher

To complete the editorial chain, Request-BD allows students to execute a sheet of exercises recorded by the teacher or to go through the classification to obtain the list of the exercise templates associated to a competency and ordered by sub-competencies and choose and execute exercises which are instanciated at each request.

Use of Request-BD by a student

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