Editorial chain of exercises (project C3)

The cloning of exercise templates

Because of our extensions for interdependent parameters, QTI viewers are not sufficient to run our QTI files.

In this case, the IMS-QTI v2.1 specification advocates the realization of a Clone Engine tool. The realization of such a tool is interesting in two ways: first, to give an independent tool that can be reused in other learning environments, that might play exercises strictly conforming to the IMS-QTI v2.1 specification; second, to make our extensions to the IMS-QTI v2.1 specification transparent.

Thus, a Clone Engine tool has been developed.
It has as input the extended IMS-QTI 2.1 file and the java and PHP files from the QTI-Editor. At each execution, it generates a standard IMS-QTI 2.1 file where parameters are instanciated while respecting the constraints.

We have also implemented QTI-PG (QTI Pages Generator) which directly creates dynamic web pages (PHP and JSP files) from the standard IMS-QTI 2.1 files issued from the cloneEngine.
These files can be run on most of the Web servers. Learners have here the same values for parameters at each request [ICALT 2008]   [ICERI 2008].

Figure 12: place of the cloneEngine in the editorial chain

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