Editorial chain of exercises (project C3)

Editing and playing of exercise templates

To edit template mathematics exercises with constraints between parameters, we have built an environment which generates extended QTI files (version 2.1 + our extensions), and has other functionalities that we describe below.

QTI_EDITOR (see Figure 9) allows the teachers to define three types of exercise templates which differ by their type of interaction with the student: text-entry with several fill-in the blanks fields, multiple-choice questions and several selection lists (see Figure 10). The teacher must define:
- the parameters of exercise templates
- the expected answer (first image below)
- the constraints binding the parameters, using QTI_CE (QTI Constraint Editor) integrated into QTI_EDITOR (second image)
- various feedbacks (third image)

Figure 9: QTI_EDITOR

Figure 10: examples of exercise templates

QTI_Editor creates the exercise template in extended IMS-QTI 2.1 format and creates java, as well as JSP and PHP files to value parameters according to the given constraints.

In order to run our exercise templates immediately, we have implemented QTI-WPG (QTI Web Pages Generator) which directly creates dynamic web pages (PHP and JSP files) containing scripts executed at each request from learners.

Thus the learners have new values for parameters in the exercise at each request [ICALT 2008]   [ICERI 2008].

Figure 11: Two successives executions of the same exercise template

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